Top 5 Digital Photography Resources

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Top 5 Digital Photography Resources

If you are new to the world of photography, or are even an experienced film photographer venturing into the realm of digital you might at times seem lost in all of the latest (or maybe some of the older) photography terms, concepts and techniques. Below you will find brief reviews of the “top 5” best photography courses and information sources we could find.

1. The Perfect Picture School of Photography

If you are a traditional student who learns best in when guided in a classroom by an experienced instructor, photography courses from Perfect Picture School of Photography are an excellent option. The photography courses provided by the Perfect Picture School are taught by trained and experienced professionals who make a living with their work day in and day out. Moreover, courses are entirely online and are relatively inexpensive. When  you consider that a traditional photography class at a university, even one instructed by a photographer of similar experience, often cost upwards of $300 per credit hour, these courses are a great deal.

2. The Learn Digital Photography Now Guide

Your    Guide to Digital Photography

For some students, traditional learn through an instructor is not an ideal option. Self-motivated learners who prefer the freedom to choosing what to learn—or amateur photographers who just need a brush up on a few terms, ideas and concepts often look to books and ebooks as a solution. Dan Feildman’s guide to digital photography, found at his website Learn Digital Photography Now, is a self-directed photography course and resource system that incorporates video instruction, quick study guides and entire ebook length materials that are easy to understand, read and apply. The entire photography course system provides a variety of learning materials.

3. The Forums and Learning Area

While some free photography courses and resources are downright horrible, the community provides an amazing free learning resource that tops most others. is a haven for advanced amateur photographers and professionals, so when starting out their forums may be a little daunting. Their photography guides, articles and resources, however, are easy for the beginner to understand. The website is a great place to look for information if you know exactly what skills, concepts and terminology you do not understand and you need a quick place to learn.

4. Digital Photography Review: Education and Training Resources

While not a traditional photography course, the online learning guides and glossary of terms at the Digital Photography Review website are great resources. Again, independent learners that know what skills they need to refine, or what terms they need to know can find a quick answer on the Digital Photography Review website.

5. Your Local College, University, or Arts Center

Many colleges and arts centers offer instruction in basic digital photography. Often times these courses are taught during the evening by trained professional photographers, MFA students or MFA graduates. For the absolute traditional student, courses taught by a trained professor, in a classroom setting are the absolute best. Unfortunately, photography courses in brick and mortar schools are not flexible—you can’t take them whenever you want. They also tend to be expensive—helping to explain why they come in last on our list.

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