Top 5 Digital Photography Books

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Top 5 Digital Photography Books

Increasingly in the digital photography world, photographers are looking for easy to use cameras that have simple and easy settings that automatically adjust aperture, shutter speeds, ISO, flash, focus and a multitude of other camera functions. Unfortunately, even with the best automatic digital SLRs, set and forget camera settings rarely produce professional quality results. You need to learn photography basics—the terms, concepts, techniques—that professionals rely on before you can consistently get excellent images out of your digital SLR. The following photography books are some of the best learning resources available, each a tested and proven learning resource that can help novice photographers and even a few seasoned amateurs.

The Digital Photography Book

1. The Digital Photography Book by Scott Kelby

The Digital Photography Book is a must read for new photographers. In a world of photo jargon that is incomprehensible to novice photographers, Kebly’s digital photography book is easy to read and understand. Kebly reduces seemingly complex concepts, terms and ideas into easy to understand information that amateur photographers can use to improve their skills.

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The Photographer’s Eye

2. The Photographer’s Eye By Michael Freeman

After brushing up on terms, camera features and settings it is a good idea to check out a book on the general photography ascetic—to question and learn: What makes a good picture? Freeman’s book The Photographer’s Eye focuses on the answer to this question. The majority of professionals spend most of their time and training learning to develop a “photographic eye” that can notice what makes a good image better than an average one. While addressing classic concepts of image composition, Freeman’s book works to address the effect of new digital equipment on old methods. The Photographer’s Eye is a great resource.

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Understanding Exposure

3. Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson

Photographers who want to get serious about their passion need to eventually explore their creative potential. While the previous two books on this list focus on settings and composition, this book focuses on creativity and creative camera technique. Peterson’s book works in an A-Z listing format that makes new techniques easy to find. His writing is also clear and easy to understand.

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Understanding Photography Field Guide

4. Understanding Photography by Bryan Peterson

The ultimate supplement to Understanding Exposure and a great addition to any photographer’s camera bag is Bryan Peterson’s Understanding Photography Field Guide. This useful photography book places the most common photography techniques, tips and creative lessons in a compact manual that is easy to carry everywhere.

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Digital SLR Cameras and Photography for Dummies

5. Digital SLR Cameras & Photography for Dummies

The “for dummies” series of how to guides are known for simplistic and easily understandable explanations of complex technology and concepts. The Digital SLR Cameras and Photography book is no different. This photography book focuses on techniques, camera settings, controls and composition. It also has a brief section on the popular photo editing program Adobe Photoshop.

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