Entry Level Canon vs. Nikon Digital SLR

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Entry Level Canon vs. Nikon Digital SLR

At first glance, the decision to between a Canon or Nikon entry level digital SLR is daunting. This article examines the differences and similarities between the Canon Digital Rebel XS and the Nikon D60 in an attempt to determine, for the cost conscious consumer, where the better value lies. Both cameras offer great features that mimic those of professional level digital SLRs in an easy to understand and use package. Each of the cameras is in an almost identical price range. This article focuses primarily on the issues of features and expandability as image quality is a feature that is determined largely through skill, opinion and brand bias.

The features of these entry level Canon and Nikon digital SLRs are very similar. The chart below suggests that, on this point, the cameras just about tie.

Canon Digital Rebel XS Nikon D60
Megapixels 10.1 10.2
Photos per second 3 3
ISO Range 100-1600 10-3200
Auto Focusing Points 7 3
Max Shutter Speed 1/4000 1/4000
LCD Size 2.5 inches 2.5 inches
Weight 502g 522g

With no clear “features” winner, we move to the issue of long term cost. The Canon Digital Rebel XS, alike the entire Canon line of digital SLRs, is cross compatible with the entire line of autofocusing canon lenses, including those used on film SLRs in the 1990s. Additionally, as Canon is the most popular camera manufacturing company in the world, many non-brand lenses exist for Canon camera bodies.

The Nikon D60 is not compatible with older Nikon lenses. If you are moving from film to digital and already own Nikon or Canon lenses you may be drawn to purchase one body over the other. If you own Canon lenses, by all means, your choice should be to go for the Canon camera. If you own Nikon lenses however, they may not be completely compatible or compatible at all with a Nikon camera body. This difference may make long term ownership of a Canon body less expensive. The used lens market if full of second hand Canon lenses.

While this seems to complicate the Nikon vs. Canon debate, it actually simplifies it. If you do not have any old lenses or if you intend to purchase brand new equipment all of the time, feel free to go for the Nikon camera. If you already have Canon equipment or if you are looking to pick up inexpensive older Canon lenses on the used market, go for the Canon body.

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