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Our goal is to be the best resource for Digital SLR camera reviews and reviews of lenses, equipment, and digital photography information. Here is an overview of the information we provide:
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If you are looking for “digital SLR camera reviews” you are clearly still exploring the broad field of digital SLR cameras and haven’t identified a favourite among the DSLR cameras yet and that goes for the lenses as well. Getting information on this topic is not a problem at all; however, chances are good that you could be more confused than ever. There are many websites out there with a lot of information on digital SLR cameras and many reviews (on DSLR cameras and lenses) as well, but these are not compiled for the novice. Many reviews pre-suppose a certain level of knowledge on SLR technology in general and are hard to follow.

What you should be looking for is a website where you can get acquainted with the technology of SLR cameras and then have access to a number of reviews on SLR cameras and lenses. This is what you will get at our website at www.digitalphortographygear.com . We supply information on all aspects of the SLR technology and then expose you to the two leaders in the field of SLR cameras, Canon and Nikon. You get to know SLR cameras from these two giants and can then proceed to recent reviews of particular models from different price ranges. A problem with many photography websites is the over-supply of information. This really does not help someone who is looking for a digital camera – he will be confused. This will not happen at our website.

Our aim is to help the reader to get to what he’s looking for without confusion and diversions. Navigating through our site is really very easy; likewise finding your way as you go along towards a particular model which matches your expectations. To make life easier for you, we have a selection of bestselling cameras in general and in niche areas (like wedding cameras) as well. These lists are right there on the landing pages and will be extremely helpful in your process of limiting your options down when trying to find one particular model you fancy. These lists reflect the choices of people who have already bought them, so you can draw upon their experience. As a matter of fact, our reviews include links to the reviews of these people, as well as a summary of the pros and cons experienced by them.

Digital SLR cameras and separate lenses go hand in hand; as a matter of fact, you might end up buying one digital camera with a kit lens issued with the camera, but soon find yourself looking for a new lens to enhance your photographic experience. We have up-to-date reviews of a number of Canon and Nikon lenses and on a number of Sigma lenses as well. Sigma lenses have been included, since Sigma have been specializing in lenses for 50+ years and proud themselves in manufacturing lenses adaptable to any camera of any make. Once you’ve decided on what camera (and lens) you want to buy, we actually show you where you can get the best buy and save some money doing that.

Finally, it has to be mentioned that although the novice will find our website very helpful, dedicated amateur photographers and even professionals will appreciate the quality and thoroughness of our reviews as well.


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