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Second to the invention of the 35mm film camera, the photo industry’s move to digital has likely brought more innovation and excitement than photography world has ever seen. As I made the switch from traditional 35mm film cameras and lenses to digital SLR photography, I found the simple amount of new information about products, technology and terms to be daunting. Wanting to learn more, I turned to the internet for answers. Unfortunately, the internet is filled with hundreds of confusing websites filled with even more confusing content.

I came across difficult to understand digital camera reviews and lens reviews that only wanted to sell me something, and websites full of needless and hard to comprehend content and articles. The goal of this website is to solve that problem by providing a resource where you can find the latest digital photography reviews and helpful easy to understand photography tips. We currently focus mostly on slr camera reviews and Canon lens reviews, but we are constantly building our site to keep up with the latest trends in digital photography and our content is aimed at both the serious amateur and professional photographer.

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